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Key Generator Free generates passwords according to specified requirements
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There are many software applications around that perform very specific tasks. Key Generator Free is one of them. In fact, the purpose of this software, generating passwords, may seem quite controversial. Some people may argue that we do not need any software to generate passwords for them, and they will support their opinion saying that creating passwords is too simple. Others may sustain that they really need to avoid this bothersome task and a piece of software to help them may unquestionably come handy many times.
If you belong to the second group, you will certainly find Key Generator Free very useful. As some websites and applications will require character specifications to strengthen your password security, this application lets you select some of the usual requirements. In this regard, you may specify password length, use of upper and lower case, special characters and numbers. Once you have chosen these specifications according to your needs, just pressing the button Generate will create a new password for you. You may also copy it to the clipboard by clicking on the corresponding button.
However free, easy, light and useful this program may be, I personally would not go through the process of downloading and installing this application to avoid doing such a simple task. I would rather do it myself.

Pedro Castro
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  • It helps you generate strong passwords


  • It may seem rather useless for some people
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